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Mgr. Miroslav Bašus

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289 11, Pečky
Czech Republic
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Professional care for your joints and locomotor.

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ARTRITIN Plus is a Czech, certified product with a unique biological link, ensuring very high use of the contained substances by the organism. Up to 95%. This high usability of the content means that significantly less active substances are sufficient to achieve the desired effect than is necessary for preparations based on inorganic bonds (salts of minerals), which are typically used up to 12 per cent by the body ARTRITIN Plus is a two-month pack of food supplements for the whole family containing substances that support the proper functioning of the locomotor apparatus - Holds a STATE HEALTH STATE STATE STATEMENT certificate - You can check its quality after the first pack. - In our country, several tens of thousands of customers have already learned about its qualities.

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Product categorie: 06.06 Medicaments, remedies