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OMEXOM GA Energo s.r.o.

Na Střílně 1929/8, Bolevec
323 00, Plzeň
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 49196812
Phone: +420-373303111

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Smart City Polygon' introduces 'smart city' technologies in practice. Within one site, there are installed various comprehensive systems for increasing public security, improving property safety, 'smart parking', traffic flow in the locality, pedestrian safety, environmental protection, intelligent building management system etc. The outputs of the whole system are immediately available in the real environment and enable subsequent analysis and planning. Each technology is responsible for one segment of urban life, but only connected in one system can they create a real 'smart city'. "The author of the idea of presenting Smart city in this way and the project raelizator is OMEXOM GA Energo."

OMEXOM GA Energo s.r.o. belongs in the long term to leaders in the field of electric installations for manufacturers and distributors of electric energy. The company specialises in the repair and construction of energy transmission and distribution networks of all voltage levels; LV, HV, VHV, and construction, reconstruction and modernisation of substations and transformer stations. Contracted deliveries encompass comprehensive services; from project preparation, through engineering, implementation up to any subsequent provision of services. In the context of energy distribution as well as the transmission system, the company performs emergency services for distribution networks. The building blocks of corporate policy are quality, OSH and environmental protection. These policies govern the entire professional team of the company, amounting to almost four hundred experts. The main customers of the company are ČEPS, a.s., ČEZ Group, E.ON Česká republika, s.r.o., PREdistribuce, a.s., major manufacturing and construction companies, suppliers of equipment and infrastructure construction, private investors, cities, municipalities, etc. The company started operations in 1993, it now has 16 branches throughout the Czech Republic and a subsidiary OMEXOM Slovakia.

In 2015, the company joined the Omexom brand, which is part of the world's largest construction concession holding company , VINCI. The Omexom brand includes companies dedicated to the production, distribution and transformation of electricity. It connects 425 business units in 36 countries.

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