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JALUD Embedded s.r.o.

Nepomucká 1355/261
326 00, Plzeň
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 03056287
Phone: +420-602765042
Location:PAV A1 / 012

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We are a technology innovation company based in Pilsen, Czech Republic. JALUD Embedded specializes in creating 32-bit Embedded solutions and specific mobile applications and integrating these solutions. We develop solutions independent of the operating system.

We offer fast and reliable software application development, including hardware integration for all proposed solutions and applications, while adapting applicable drivers (in our custom board support package) for interaction with the external periphery.

The quality and reliability of its embedded systems are supported by a team of highly qualified engineers with cutting-edge ideas and extensive experience with modern technology.

Our developers have extensive experience in computer networking and cloud storage systems. We also have experience with machine learning and artificial intelligence, which brings “life” to our proposed solutions.

Our main focus is the creation of standalone solutions for the security and public safety markets. We also offer embedded system development in other market areas and industries, such as

Automotive, Marine, Aviation
Medical and healthcare
Handheld and mobility devices
Consumer and entertainment use (mobile applications, smart home systems, etc.)
Information kiosk (for tourists, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, etc.)
And many other area


ČSN EN 61000-4-2 ed.
ČSN EN 61000-4-3 ed.
ČSN EN 61000-4-4 ed.
ČSN EN 61000-4-5 ed.
ČSN EN 61000-4-6 ed.
ČSN EN 61000-4-11 ed
ČSN EN 55032 ed.2

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Our sound event detector can be integrated with other technology systems to create a complete security solution and provide a new form of passive security by essentially adding EARS to the existing security solutions.

SED can detect:
Human scream
Glass breakage
Bomb explosion
Urban noise

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Product categorie: 15 SAFE AND ROBUST CITY