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2J Antennas, s.r.o.

Stefanikova 61
085 01, Bardejov
ID-Nr.: 36504700
Telefon: +421-544880138
Standort:PAV G1 / 003

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2J Antennas is a producer and worldwide supplier of Off-The-Shelf & Custom design high quality antennas

2J Antennas delivers a comprehensive range of antenna solutions, from small surface mount antennas to flexible internal antennas, single and combination external antennas with different mounting options for the Internet of Things, M2M, automotive, critical communication, among other markets.
2J Antennas as a company has been established in year 2002 with its headquarters in Eastern Slovakia. In 2008 the R&D office has opened up in Portsmouth, UK to support and extend Slovakian RF engineering department. 2J Antennas have since grown from a small size manufacturing business venture to the above medium size antenna developer and manufacturer with a global reach and annual sales of around 5 mil. products. Currently, 2J Antennas still manage their operations from its headquarters in Slovakia, further opened up sales and administration branch in the UK as well as USA to be closer to their respective and prospective customers and to enhance efficiency in communication for the smooth end product delivery.
2J Antennas ISO/TS 16949:29 certified manufacturing plant in Central Europe ensures production of the highest quality of antennas. With now three R&D departments (SK, UK, USA) keeping the design, development, production, testing and certification management under the same roof, projects are personally managed and completed for just-in-time excellence and superior quality, allowing 2J Antennas to provide rapid custom antenna solutions supplementing the extensive range of off-the-shelf antenna portfolio. Plastic injection, SMD pick and place, ultrasonic welding, automated cable machine are but a few tools that 2J Antennas utilise in the antenna production process which is carried out in-house in full extend aiding 2J to respond to the market and customers' needs promptly. All products are manufactured under the RoHS directive and are REACH compliant. Growing organically, over the years, 2J Antennas has established a practice of recycling dedicated portion of company's annual revenue back into the technical equipment and expansion of the production facilities in order to continuously improve production processes, its efficiency and product quality for its respective customer

Few key advantages of 2J Antennas

In-House Manufacturing
High Flexibility & Efficiency
Competitive pricing
Short dispatch times 3-4 weeks
Custom colors design of enclosures - Logo printing available

2J Antennas services:

PCB & RF circuit design
rapid prototyping
OTA measurements
PTCRB guidance
TIS noise debugging
pre-certification testing
ECC testing
emissions testing
cable assembly
plastic injection

Other Capabilities:

- Antenna Position Study - 2J can assist with identifying the optimum location for the placement of an antenna in customer’s device.
- PCB Layout Advice - For custom or embedded antenna designs 2J can offer integration services for the optimal component placement and general guidance
- Comparison Study - 2J readilly produce comparison reports comparing multiple antennas, from multiple vendors, or the same antenna in different conditions.
- Antenna Matching - Testing and suggestions of the ideal matching component values for embedded SMT antennas in order to achieve optimum impedance characteristics is also available.
- Over-The-Air Testing - Take advantage of the 2J CTIA certified chambers where antenna parameters such as gain, efficiency and 3D radiation patterns are produced.
- 3G/4G Active Testing (TRP/TIS) - Testing of a total radiated power and total isotropic sensitivity of an antenna inside customer‘s device is ideal to ensure correct integration of an antenna.
- Field Study - 2J can field test customer‘s devices, e.g. take a GPS tracker in a car, along a known route and monitor an antenna performance in town vs country.

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