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VARI, a.s.

Opolanská 350
289 07, Libice nad Cidlinou
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 00660574
Phone: +420-325637276
Location:VP C3 / 001

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VARI - one team, one brand and shared responsibility for the history as well as for the future.

We are a middle-sized company with a manufacturing facility in Libice nad Cidlinou, Czech Republic. We employ 80 people. The VARI company was founded in 1969, so in 2014 we celebrated 45 years on the market. We can pride ourselves on the longest production history compared with other Czech companies in the small garden machinery branch. The company is in 100 % Czech ownership.

We don't understand only the minitractors or bar mowers under the VARI brand. This brand is defined by several thought-out production lines which successfully push their way to the customers not only in the Czech Republic but in other countries as well. We also offer several products in the trade goods range under the VARI brand - we directly participate in their development and/or production. Our aim is to bring quality and innovative technical solutions, good functionality and compatibility of our products and thus follow in and continue to develop the tradition and goodwill of the VARI company.

We produce functional and thought-out machines which always bring many special elements compared with the machines of other producers in their price and power class. We take pride in the history of our brand and our goal is not to betray our customers' trust in the machines of the VARI brand.
We do our best to create products of great value which will serve well and for many years and will keep their interesting market price. We don't produce low quality products which often force the customer to change the complete machine. We bear responsibility for the machines made in the past, we are trying to keep the highest possible compatibility and long availability of the spare parts. Already the previous generations got to like the VARI brand and more than 70 % machines manufactured during the last 45 years still serve well to their owners.

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: 02 Small agricultural machines

The product range includes VARI GLOBAL two-wheel minitractors with many accessories: ploughs, cultivators and rotary tillers, potato hillers, potato planters, spike-tooth harrows, smoothing harrows, tipping trailers, equipment carriers, etc.; two-wheel minitractors for municipal services for working all year round, which can easily be converted from a drum mower into a mulcher, a snow thrower, a brush sweeper or a snow blade; mulchers/brush cutters with mulching blade; drum mowers; lawnmowers, lawn tractors, multifunctional carriers Raptor Hydro and MaX; brushcutters; pressure washers; shredders and wood chippers; log splitters, firewood processores and wood saws.

Product categorie: 02.02 Single-axle tractors

The heart of the modular system is made of a driving unit with handlebars and an automatic centrifugal clutch. It can drive two basic gearboxes – DSK-316 and DSK-317 and adapters, so called equipment connected directly to driving units. The driving unit can be moved from one gearbox to the other one in a very simple way without using tools. Thanks to the fact that there are two types of the gearbox available, each customer can get a machine assembled exactly to his requirements. DSK-316 The advantages of the DSK-316 gearbox are small proportions and the active power take-off for accessories drive. It can be used for mowing long grass, hay and forage tedding and ecological mulching in spring and summer. A year-round cleaning of public plots is much easier using a KV-100/Z sweeping brush, which can be changed for a dozer blade or a SF-55 two-stage snow thrower. DSK-317 The VARI GLOBAL minitractor with the DSK-317.1/S gearbox is meant for heavy duties as a soil cultivation, rotary tilling or cargo transport. It is possible to connect one-way plough or swing one, potato digger, cultivator, smoothing harrow, spike tooth harrow, cultivator with roller, potato hiller, dozer blade, potato planter or tipping trailer.

Product categorie: 02.03 Implements for tractors

Product categorie: 02.05 Grass-mower

The drum mowers (or rotary mowers) are perfect helpers for long grass cutting, that can be used for animal feed or for drying. Our drum mowers feature in robustness, high reliability, safety, stability, perfect ergonomics and power not only on the plain, but on slopes as well. We produce the drum mowers as single-purpose machines, which are intended for customers who need to cut the long grass only or as multifunctional machines with exchangeable accessories and it is possible to use the machine for additional works.

Product categorie: 02.99 Small agricultural machines other

Product categorie: 03.02 Cultivators

Product categorie: 03.06 Machines for inter-row soil cultivation

Product categorie: 09.03 Tedders, heap spreaders and rakes

Product categorie: 11.02 Potato diggers

Product categorie: 14.03 Trailers and semi-trailers

Product categorie: 14.08 Sweeping equipment