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Disc harrows 2, 3, 4 row

The modernized disk harrow “Diaz” is intended for surface tillage to a depth of 15 cm, destruction of weeds, crushing and planting of crop residues, rejuvenation of meadows and pastures.
Disc harrow is used in all agroclimatic zones, including those subject to wind and water erosion, on all types of soils, except stony soils. The use of a disk harrow is effective for main and pre-sowing cultivation in a system of minimal tillage, for processing aisles of gardens, rejuvenating degrading meadows and pastures.

Rotary grinders

Rotary shredder IR-6, hereinafter the shredder, is intended for filling, deforming and grinding the post-harvest crop residues of high-stalk crops: sunflower, corn, etc. During operation, the knife skating rink mixes the crop residues with the upper layers of the soil, creating a mixture that during autumn and winter rots and plays the role of fertilizer, which has a positive effect on productivity. This tool effectively fights against insects wintering in the stems of plants. It is possible to use the grinder to seal siderates, as well as to facilitate the cutting of fallow lands in the first pass.
  The grinder is designed to work on non-stony soils with a stony material content of not more than 0.5%, with a soil moisture of not more than 25%, a slope of the field surface of not more than 8 °, soil hardness in the treated layer not more than 3.5 MPa, microrelief up to 10 cm.

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Universal cultivators

The cultivator universal for continuous tillage of the “Diaz” brand in the future (cultivator) is intended for pre-sowing tillage to a depth of 12 cm, smoothing the chill and taking care of the vapors. In picking racks with chisels, stubble loosening is possible after harvesting cereal crops.
  The cultivator can be operated in the soil-climatic zones of Russia on soils of all types, with a moisture content of 8-24% and soil hardness of up to 1.2 MPa (12 kgf / cm2) in fields with a flat and undulating up to 8o terrain, except for soils subject to wind erosion.

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