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Žižkova 710
413 01, Roudnice nad Labem
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 47783303
Phone: +420-416831922
Location:PAV A2 / 008

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Welding materials for repair and maintenance. Exclusive representation for the Czech Republic.


EN ISO 9001:2016

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CHEM-WELD 7100 Electrode for uncleaned materials

CHEM-WELD 7100 Electrode for uncleaned materials

CHEM-WELD 7100 is an easy-to-weld electrode, has a stable arc, easily removable slag, does not form notches, excellent welding properties. It is specially designed for welding in positions. Application: For excavators, boilers, pipe welding even for rust and dirt, for welding cast steel, galvanized steels, construction machines, in shipyards, for thick and thin sheets, for repairs in agriculture and livestock production. Contamination of the base material does not affect weldability.

CHEM-WELD 9200 electrode to remove cranked screws

CHEM-WELD 9200 electrode to remove cranked screws

Electrode CHEM-WELD 9200 for removing cranked screws, taps, drill bits. With the electrode we can create an extra strong pin to help us pull out the cranked part. A non-stick slag prevents connection with the surrounding material. It can be used on most steels and in any position. It’s a necessary helper for every workshop.

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