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ECO-VILL-TEXT Ltd was founded in 2016 with the aim to produce a new sustainable and ethical underwear brand, ÊTRE Organic
Underwear. The plant, which currently also produces women's underwear on a contract basis for a Spanish customer, has a
capacity of around 12-13,000 pieces, which can be increased in case of new market sales. The production using special
machinery is carried out in Kapuvár, Hungary, under the supervision of the owner, Mrs.Erzsébet Tóth, who has more than 20
years of experience in the lingerie industry. The manufacturing takes place under appropriate social and labor conditions in
accordance with the requirements of fair and ethical production. The brand has joined the Fashion Revolution campaign in
Hungary and its aim is to follow the concept of transparency and ethical and social issues.

Initially, ÊTRE Organic Underwear started with men's underwear, but as the women customers started to demand the same
sustainable and comfortable products, the range has been expanded with a new women's underwear range. The ÊTRE Organic
Underwear represents high-quality underwear for everybody, who follows an eco-conscious lifestyle and who prefers
comfortable underwear without any negative impact on the health and the environment.

The products are made of only plan-based, eco-friendly materials. All of the components (fabric, yarn, trimmings, label) have a
quality certificate of OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which guarantees that during the whole process no chemicals are used. The basic
collection is made from fabrics, consisting of 46% bamboo, 46% organic cotton, and 8% elastane (for flexibility of the fabric).
The proper packing is very important for the brand; it is an elegant but simple carton box designed with the ecological concept
in mind. Also, the logo which looks like a green postmark refers to the sustainable traits of the product and the used materials.
In the supply chain of the brand only those partners are involved, who can confirm and certify the sustainable production of
their materials.

How can the company achieve its purpose and mission?
- To produce and constantly develop a sustainable, ethical and slow fashion underwear brand for eco-conscious customers
- To expand the sales and distribution network and to increase the presence of the brand
- To raise the awareness of the people about ecological and climate issues through participating in different campaigns, e.g.

Fashion Revolution
- To widen the use of new, innovative, sustainable materials and fabrics, made only with environmentally conscious processes
- To ensure adequate working conditions and social security for workers
- To build up new collaborations with stakeholders of the fashion industry in Hungary and abroad

The company has good relations with various fashion organizations, such as the National Fashion League Hungary Association,
which is the Founder and Organiser of the Global Sustainable Fashion Week (#GSFW). Please, read a relevant interview

The ÊTRE Organic Underwear had a very successful presentation at the international eco-fashion show of the 6th#GSFW in
2021, see the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1QVuG50Gys&t=175s

After this event the collection of the ÊTRE Organic Underwear was presented at the ASEAN DIGITAL FASHION WEEK
The company is a member of Hungarian Society of Textile Technology and Science (TMTE), which provides ongoing professional
assistance to its partners. Furthermore due to their membership in the Association of Hungarian Light Industry the company
participated in the Tex2Green project as well: https://www.tex2green.hu/hu/ceg/eco-vill-text-korlatolt-felelossegu-tarsasag.

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