blue shadow

Ks. Świerzego 8
43-100 Tychy
PAV P / E016
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Styl I
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Let's get to know each other :)

We are romantics. We are the new rebels. We make dreams come true, we develop blue shadow brand and passionately create for women who are unique and follow their heart.

In blue shadow clothing you will see boho style and original finishes, often hand-made applications that make every project refined, designed for our clients' needs, well-being and comfort.

Our clients, just like us, are concerned with how clothes are made. That is why we design with passion and sew in Poland observing fair trade policy, maintaining high quality of our products.

In blue shadow you will find sizes from 34 to 50; clothes which we believe will make every woman smile all day long. Just as we smile while designing new collections.

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Womenswear - full-range collections