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LIKO-S, a.s.

U Splavu 1419
684 01, Slavkov u Brna
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 60734795
Phone: +420-702128183
Location:PAV P / 006A


Czech family owned company founded in 1992 and holds the title of Czech Family Business of 2014 according to Forbes magazine. Since its inception, the company has grown steadily and currently LIKO-S, a. S., Ranks among the best European companies in its field.

We have branches in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, India and also business representatives in 16 other countries all over the world. We have a strong vision, company philosophy and culture.
Our development centre LIKO-Noe was awarded the Boardroom of the Year prize in 2016.
All our products result from our own research, development and production.
We are manufacturers and suppliers of Living Buildings® - Green Facades, Roofs and root wastewater treatment plant.
In the recent years is the trend clear, it is a return to the nature, saving natural resources, and also mitigating warming and water shortages not only for crops but also for people. In the sum of the positive ecological and economic characteristics, green roofs contribute to achieving future sustainable architecture.


ISO 9001
ISO 14001

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Product categorie: 04 Building materials and products

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