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Schiedel, s.r.o.

Horoušanská 286
250 81, Nehvizdy
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 25157922
Phone: +420-326999011
Location:PAV V / 116

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Schiedel. More than a chimney. Chimneys, fireplaces, ventilation solutions.

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: 02.09.02 Chimneys

We have been developing, manufacturing and testing chimney systems for more than 70 years.

Product categorie: 40.01.15 Fireplaces and stoves

We offer fireplace modules KINGFIRE, integrated in the foot of the chimney body or freestanding SIRIUS stoves with air inlet and flue gas exhaust system Schiedel PERMETER SMOOTH AIR. Quick assembly, space saving available.

Product categorie: 40.05 Stack devices and waste gas accessories

Wide range of accessories for chimney systems - covering roofs, connecting parts to the appliance, thermal insulation elements etc.

Product categorie: 40.05.01 Chimney systems

We offer chimney systems for new buildings and renovations, with ceramic liner or stainless steel.

Product categorie: 40.05.02 Stainless steel chimneys

The stainless steel chimney is light, without the need for a foundation and at the same time becomes a design element of your house. With internal stainless or ceramic insert.

Product categorie: 41.03.08 Equipment for ventilation of living rooms with heat recuperation

Schiedel KombiAir - the quietest heat recovery on the Czech market, only 34 dB. (less than a refrigerator). The unit is located in a concrete shaft, no technical room is required. Awarded GRAND PRIX For Arch 2019 for Best Product.