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United Kingdom
ID.NO.: 946568
Phone: +44-1582471919
Location:PAV V / 085

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As the pace of technology quickens, manufacturing requirements have become more specialised and demanding. We at "Wardown Engineering Limited" have long recognised the importance of maintaining our position at the forefront of tube manipulation, which has led to continuing investment in developing methods and tooling to suit the most demanding shapes and conditions. Our extensive knowledge as an IATF 16949 accredited "Tube Manipulation Specialist" over the last 50 years helps us provide an expert service, manufacturing stainless steel tubular components for many industries including – Automotive, Aerospace, Alternative Fuels, Heat Exchange, Agricultural, Commercial Vehicle, Emission Control & Gas Appliance systems to name a few. Supporting high, medium and low volume production combined with a dedicated prototyping department, in-house design and CNC machining, we remain dedicated to satisfying our customers’ requirements and guarantee the highest level of service and support.


IATF 16949.

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: 06 Stainless steel products

Product categorie: 06.04 Seals, bellows

Product categorie: 06.09.01 Joining, fixing elements, fasteners

Product categorie: 06.13 Bended wire products, chains

Product categorie: 06.21 Product pipelines

Product categorie: 06.99 Stainless steel products, other

Product categorie: 09.02.03 Made-to-order forming

Product categorie: 09.02.07 Made-to-order production of parts