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Via Monte Barzaghino 34/A
22035, Canzo (CO)
Telefon: +39-0313351751
Standort:PAV V / 089

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The steel types we produce are the following: stainless steels, bearing steels, tools steels, case-hardening and hardening alloy steels also in the lead version, nitriding steels, HSS (high speed steels), cold heading steels, free-cutting steels, titanium, high tensile HTS and carbon steels. The most important activity is the production of drawn bars and coils in rounds, hexagons, octagons, squares, flats and special profiles and also the rounds grinded and peeled in bars.


ISO 9001:2008.

Produktkategorien des Ausstellers

Produktkategorie: 02.02 Ferritic steels

Produktkategorie: 02.03 Martensitic and hardenable steels

Produktkategorie: 02.04 Austenitic steels

Produktkategorie: 02.05 Duplex (austenitic-ferritic) steels

Produktkategorie: 02.06 Heat restistant steels

Produktkategorie: 02.07 Creep-resistant steels

Produktkategorie: 02.08 Special stainless steels

Produktkategorie: 02.09 Weldable, stabilised stainless steels

Produktkategorie: 02.10 Stainless steels for castings

Produktkategorie: 02.11 Special alloys, superalloys

Produktkategorie: 02.12 Powder metallurgy materials, ODS steels

Produktkategorie: Cold drawn wires

Produktkategorie: 04.02.03 Drawn, peeled, ground bars