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Starfit China Ltd.

Room 2606, 26/F, Westin Centre, 26 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon
Hong Kong
Telefon: +852-35718708
Standort:PAV V / 105

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Hage Fittings und Flanschen GmbH

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We can provide a wide range of products:
threaded fittings, pressfittings, sanitary fittings, valves, castings and forgings according to drawings, butt weld fittings, seamless and welded pipes, bright bars, plates and sheets. Warehouse stock in CHINA and GERMANY.


ISO 9001:2008.

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Starfit China

Starfit China

  • Produktkategorie: 05.01.01 Precision casting from stainless steels

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Hage Fittings und Flanschen

Hage Fittings und Flanschen

  • Produktkategorie: 05.01.01 Precision casting from stainless steels

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Produktkategorie: 02 Stainless steels

Produktkategorie: 02.01.02 EN 1.41xx

Produktkategorie: 02.01.03 EN 1.43xx

Produktkategorie: 02.01.04 EN 1.44xx

Produktkategorie: 04.02.03 Drawn, peeled, ground bars

Produktkategorie: 05.01 Stainless steel castings

Produktkategorie: 05.01.01 Precision casting from stainless steels

Produktkategorie: 05.01.04 Duplex stainless steels castings

Produktkategorie: 05.02.01 Stainless steel die forgings

Produktkategorie: 05.02.02 Stainless steel open-die forgings

Produktkategorie: 06 Stainless steel products

Produktkategorie: 06.09.01 Joining, fixing elements, fasteners