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Axente Sever
545300, Reghin
Phone: +40-365450001
Location:VP K / 008

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Founded in 1953, IRUM is a company specialized in machinery construction. Initially, operating as a state company, IRUM becomes a fully private owned company in 1999 with Maviprod as the main shareholder, dedicating itself since then mainly to the forest industry.

Today, after 65 years, we have over 500 employees and the factory in Reghin, Mures County, Romania, is 175,000 m2, and we still call it “home”. Based on our roots and extensive experience, the business expanded rapidly, IRUM becoming a leading supplier of a wide range of forestry equipment and spare parts on the Romanian market and beyond.

The group operations always focused on the production, development and service dedicated to forestry equipment. In 2010 we added the agricultural machinery. Our recipe for success is simple: we combine the experience and skill of our research and development centre with world-renowned integration technologies. On the other hand, IRUM has a network of spare parts service which is continuously expanding and developing to improve quality of services.

The design, development or vital feedback from our customers are the driving force behind our machines: each new model comes after years of virtual design, testing and prototyping before other steps to be taken in the development process, and approximately 70% of forestry tractor components are of own production. The range of products made at IRUM currently includes articulated forestry tractors, agricultural tractors, funiculars, trolleys and spare parts, but the factory has also CNC processing centre, casting, heat treatment line, tool house, welding, painting and service workshop.

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