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Czech Republic
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Silva Regina
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We are producers of URBAN Branch Loggers that crush wood to small logs. Thanks to our long-term experience with our operations, our own development and production, we have brought our loggers almost to perfection.

We have manufactured and delivered over 2 000 pcs of loggers over the world. We provide comprehensive services including spare parts service and delivery.

Do you have or are you going to buy a solid fuel boiler or a gasifying boiler? The URBAN Branch Loggers crush wood on a small logs, which is the ideal fuel for these boilers.

Exhibitor's products

Branch logger URBAN TR75 with double bagging

The URBAN TR75 logger is supported on the three-point hitch of the tractor. It is designed especially for small tractors, but can be used without a problem even under a strong tractor. The optimum power of the tractor is 25 hp and more, the minimum power is 15 hp.

45.04 Chippers

Branch logger URBAN SM70 with double bagging

The Branch Logger URBAN SM70 is driven by a 10 hp (optionally 14 hp) Briggs & Stratton VANGUARD engine. The engine´s output is transferred via V-belts to the oil filled gearbox which drives the blade rotors. The logger has 4 wheels for manual handling (2 fixed and 2 swivelling with brakes).

45.04 Chippers

Branch Logger URBAN SMH110 with conveyor 2,6 m

The branch logger URBAN SMH110 is mobile and highly efficient. It is powered by a 35 hp Briggs & Stratton VANGUARD engine. The logger has road trailer with number plate bracket for easy transport to any place. The branch logger is fixed to a 360° turntable.

45.04 Chippers

Branch logger URBAN TR70 with double bagging

The branch logger URBAN TR70 is supported on the three-point hitch of the tractor. The optimum tractor power is 50 hp and more, the minimum power is 30 hp. The drive must be secured through a cardan with overload clutch (not part of the machine - you will find it in the accessories section). To reduce the impacts transmitted to the cardan and to the gearbox of the tractor we use a flywheel, which can be ordered as an accessories.

45.04 Chippers

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45.04 Chippers

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We are manufactures of agricultural and forestry machinery – The Branch Loggers. The URBAN Branch loggers make small logs (big chips) from branches.