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Edible insects - the future of food industry.

Have you heard of insect food? Probably yes, because few people are left cold by the idea. The market for edible insects in ČR almost doubles every year. Come see and taste insects at the WormUP stand.

Trends in the food industry are developing rapidly and you can participate in the birth of a new field. The company WormUP offers the production of food from insects both under the WormUP brand and under your private label, and it can be your brand.

Crunchy worms will surprise you with their great taste. They have a high proportion of protein and unsaturated fatty acids. The breeding of insects is more environmentally friendly than beef and other animal production, and the EU strives to introduce insects into the regular diet of Europeans.

So stand out from the crowd and try WormUP Crunch Worms. It's worth it!

Exhibitor's products

Crunchy Wormies

Crunchy garlic worms. When you combine non-traditional insect food and traditional garlic, you get a great combination with the ambition to take up permanent residence in every proper kitchen.
Who doesn't like garlic fries, right? In combination with Crunchy Worms full of protein and healthy fats, this taste takes on a whole new dimension.

Garlic Crunchy Worms were one of the first edible insect products we started making. We wanted to add traditional and popular spices to the non-traditional insect delicacy. Since then, Crispy Worms with Garlic have been the absolute most popular variant of our insect products.

Crunchy worms have up to 60% quality protein and 20% unsaturated fatty acids. They are sugar, hormone and egg free. We can promise you that it will pleasantly surprise you with its excellent taste. All you have to do is pluck up the courage and taste it.

The crispy worms are ready to serve, so just dump them into a bowl and eat. You can also sprinkle them on risotto, pizza or spaghetti and thus enrich the food with quality protein.

You have a great opportunity to spice up your celebration or party with friends with this insect delicacy. Crunchy Worms will be remembered by friends for a long time.
An original gift that can scare you a little at first and then pleasantly surprise you with its great taste. Whether you give the Crispy Worms separately or as part of a gift basket, this gift will be remembered by all recipients.
Due to its protein and unsaturated fat content, it is a great snack for young and old, whenever the craving strikes. Children especially love worms.
When you unwrap Crunchy Worms in the evening while watching TV, you will be surprised how quickly they disappear.

Method of preparation

Worms come from Czech breeding. Before processing them, they go through a fasting period of several days in order to thoroughly clean them. Then we boil them briefly, dry them and finally season them. We do everything with maximum regard for quality and preservation of nutritional values.
Where the worms breed

Our mealybug larvae come from a certified farm in Moravia that meets all hygiene requirements. They are kept in plastic crates with grain scraps. Fresh vegetables are supplied to them from time to time as a source of water. The farm is very dry, clean and thoroughly ventilated.
An interesting fact is that, according to the legislation, edible insects fall into the category of farm animals. From this point of view, insects are the most cleanly bred and processed farm animals. Many times less water, feed and land are used for its breeding than in the case of other farm animals.

The minimum shelf life of Crispy Worms is 2 years from the date of production.

Mealybug larvae (96.7%), salt (2%), garlic (1.3%)
Nutritional information per 100 g
Energy value 2125 kJ / 509 kcal
Fats (fatty acids) 29 g
- of which saturated 7 g
- monounsaturated 15 g
- semi-unsaturated 7 g
Carbohydrates 3.5 g
- of which sugars 0 g
Protein 58 g
Salt 2.2 g


Country of origin: Czechia

Mealybug larvae: 96.7%

Salt: 2%

Garlic: 1.3%

04.01.01 Meat production raw materials

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Meat production raw materials