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Exhibitors by category Cooling and freezing units:

Bosák spol. s r.o.

PAV V / 046
PAV V / 046A

Trade fair: SALIMATECH

DALIX, s.r.o.

PAV V / 040

We are offering professional cooling boxes, mobile freezers, minibars, milk ...

Trade fair: SALIMATECH

Małopolska Regional Development Agency - Business in Małopolska

PAV V / 070

Małopolska Regional Development Agency has been supporting competitiveness of ...

Trade fair: SALIMATECH

Pavel Tacl - UNITA

PAV V / 051

Manufacturer of refrigerated showcases and complex supplies of shop interiors ...

Trade fair: SALIMATECH

V.N.D. s.r.o.

PAV V / 082

Our company supplies parts for production and service organizations, especially in ...

Trade fair: SALIMATECH

Product categorie Cooling and freezing units