ENVI-PUR, s.r.o.

Na Vlčovce 13/4
160 00 Praha 6
Czech Republic
PAV V / 078
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We purify, treat and recycle water for industries, municipalities and cities.

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Membrane water treatment AMAYA

The AMAYA Membrane Water Treatment Plant is a reliable barrier for the removal of solid microparticles, turbidity and microorganisms from the raw water.

Advantages of the AMAYA Membrane Water Treatment Plant
- High efficiency in removing organic matter, colour, turbidity, microorganisms and viruses.
- Suitable for surface and groundwater sources.
- Low consumption of wash water (0.5-1%) and electricity 0.1 kWh/m³.
- Easy shutdown and restart without membrane preservation.
- Automatically reacts to changes in raw water quality.
- Efficient pre-treatment for reverse osmosis and nanofiltration.
- High-durability equipment that is compact and robust.
- Possible integration of a sorption stage.

16.02.26 Water treatment equipment for the food industry

Microbubble flotation MiFlo

The MiFlo plant is designed primarily for the treatment of industrial wastewater.

Microbubble flotation is a separation process based on bringing contaminants to the surface by microbubbles of air. The air microbubbles are directly generated in the water by rotating MicroGas™ ceramic membrane disks. The membrane discs in the contact zone create so-called white water, i.e. a mixture of water and air microbubbles, which bring the contamination to the surface in the contact zone and then in the separation zone. At the end of the separation zone, the cleaned water is drawn off the bottom and the floating layer of dirt is mechanically wiped off the surface.

We offer on-site consultation, process audits, laboratory and semi-operational tests on model equipment to properly design a full-scale plant. The result is the delivery of a complete flotation technology including accessories and a control system according to the customer's needs. The microbubble generator can also be installed in existing DAF flotation units to optimise the process.

16.02.27 Waste processing units in food industry

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16.02.26 Water treatment equipment for the food industry

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Product categorie: 16.02.26

Water treatment equipment for the food industry

ENVI-PUR, s.ro. is a Czech family company that has been helping its clients with water management for more than 25 years. Since the initial era, when the company started to produce domestic wastewater treatment plants, its portfolio has expanded to other fields, and nowadays, with 160 employees, it produces and implements municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, water treatment plants for municipalities and cities, and performs water audits in manufacturing companies. A lot of companies don't have a proper understanding of how they manage water and how big the savings can be when you find the right solution.
We have 12 pilot units that test the proposed technology and solutions in real conditions, we have a modern laboratory and the latest technologies.
We look forward to welcoming you to our stand. Hall V, stand 078.

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Waste processing units in food industry