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Development Zone, Sahne
065201, Hebei
Telefon: +86-01088275677
Standort:PAV G1 / 017
Messe: Embax

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Zhongyin Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. (Starlight) is located in No.7 Chaobai District Yanjiao Economic Development Zone, Sanhe, Hebei, China; the total invested capital is 120 million RMB Yuan. As a government company, Starlight is the first producers and suppliers of CTP plate and Processless CTP plate in China. The first web PS plate production line was born at Starlight here. Having been cooperated with FUJI FILM for 8 years, we worked together to explore the market and gained a lot of valuable achievements and experience in products and managements. During the 8 years cooperation, we inherit and develop the advanced production control system, which makes Starlight products always keeping excellent performance and good stability; it builds up a good basis for Starlight’s internationalization development.
According to National Industrial Strategy Policy in 2015, we entered
China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) and enjoyed the powerful financial and technical support from CASC. Our new products, double-coated thermal CTP plate and Processless thermal CTP plate, which can provide customers with more comprehensive products and services.

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  • Produktkategorie: 78 Materials for printing and reprography

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Produktkategorie: 78.10 Other materials for printing

Produktkategorie: 78.14 Printing sheets and forms, chemicals

Produktkategorie: 78.31 Offset coatings