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Thermofoam Kft.

Csarnok út 1
2363, Felsőpakony
ID-Nr.: 0109 694073
Telefon: +36-12650169
Standort:PAV G1 / 051
Messe: Embax

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Thermofoam has had a long journey since its foundation in 1994. The Budapest-based company evolved from a business in a garage to a modern production firm of the latest European standards. The initial products - which were based on the CEO's own patents - gave a solid base for the company's successful development for decades. Innovation and R&D activities have been in the focus of the management and this has led to the broadening of the company's scope of business, which enables them to satisfy virtually any packaging needs in industry.

Produktkategorien des Ausstellers

Produktkategorie: 53.01.04 Multi-layer packaging materials

Produktkategorie: 53.04 Shipping packages

Produktkategorie: 53.04.01 Board boxes, containers

Produktkategorie: 53.04.02 Plastic boxes

Produktkategorie: 53.04.03 Transport boxes

Produktkategorie: 53.04.04 Wooden cases

Produktkategorie: 53.04.11 Pallets

Produktkategorie: 53.04.12 Transport packages, other

Produktkategorie: 53.06.06 Sticking tapes