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7 Avenue Dag Hammarskjoeld
1001, Tunis
ID.NO.: 153391996
Phone: +216-70011100
Trade fair: Salima



The BEN YEDDER family has been involved in coffee roasting since 1888 in a grocery store at “Normandie” street in Tunis.
At the beginning of the last century, the roasting unit moved to “La Valette” street, behind the central market of Tunis; coffee was then roasted in a traditional way.
In 1934, late Brahim BEN YEDDER created the company Cafés BEN YEDDER, whose headquarters were located at 12, “El Jazira” Street in Tunis.
On October 31, 1988, the headquarters were transferred to 07 “Dag-Hammarskjöld” Avenue and late Béchir Ben YEDDER, the eldest son of the late Brahim BEN YEDDER was appointed manager of the company.
Cafés BEN YEDDER company that has managed to preserve, maintain and transmit for more than a century the essential values of its development: Know-how, Proximity & Service.
The strong expertise in roasting over the decades in addition to its logistics permitted to Cafés BEN YEDDER to become the second Coffee roaster in Tunisia.

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