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Opus Lacrimosa, z.ú.

Řečkovice č. ev. 2184
621 00, Brno
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 04849540
Phone: +420-541321307

Opus Lacrimosa, z. ú.

Kartouzská 587/14
612 00, Brno
Czech Republic
Phone: +420-606161620
Location:PAV A1 / 012

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The institute's mission and guiding principle is to provide all-round active support for improving the quality of life of carers and their wards throughout the Czech Republic.
We cooperate with partner organizations in the EU. Guarantor of the economic and organizational part of the project are Opus Lacrimosa z.ú .; Lacrimosa HF Trust Fund and Opus Lacrimosa z.ú. - Camper Tramp Rental. In order to achieve these objectives, the Institute shall in particular:
(1) collect and process statistical data;
2) elaborates expert opinions and studies and proposals for solutions, presents them and defends them to legislative and central state administration bodies;
3) organize conferences, seminars and trainings for the caring and professional public, exhibitions and social events, appear in the media and organize publications;
4) contributes to increasing the availability of independent leave and leisure time for carers, including the provision of self-help respite care;
(5) Initiate the establishment and organization of short-term immediate respite and respite care facilities and organize the establishment and use of a fully wheelchair-accessible "driver & passengers" caravan network;
6) co-ordinates and supports the establishment of a trust of care fideico-commission trust funds of the Lacrimosa network, preferring church participation.

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