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PaedDr. Katarína Volčková Sláviková V.A. - Bezpečnosť a ochrana informácií a Vášho života

Vodarenská 11
080 01, Prešov
ID.NO.: 46443983
Phone: +421-903040562

Volcko, RPM s.r.o. Elide Fire

Strojnicka 18
080 01, Prešov
Phone: +421-903040562
Location:PAV F / 025

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Market.sk & Sigint.sk company - engaged in research, development and production of special RF technology. Its products include optical and electronic monitoring systems, jamming equipment, broadband radio jammers firing and other special amenities including scaring animals in general.

Offering Broadband RF jammer noise - protection against wiretapping and unwanted radio emission PC and tapping technology designed for educational purposes that is unconventional.
Complete services for the protection of informational and technical data, where one comprehensive system to protect themselves your corporate or private information.

It offers security against surveillance in the form of protection against radio eavesdropping protection against eavesdropping mobile phone, IR and laser. A contact eavesdropping protection against hidden audio devices and protection TEMPEST hardware.

The product range:
DIGITAL BURST interception Transmitter with Remote Control
RF shielding substance preventing the penetration of radio signals
Jamming microphones INFRATORNADO - SIGINT.SK 2016
Bird Repeller multifunctional bird repellents
FIRE ELIDE fully automatic extinguishing system
PRIVATE BTS - GSM stations, private GSM transmitter
T-Gorilla - comprehensive protection against eavesdropping and more.

www.market.sk - all that you can not buy elsewhere
www.sigint.sk - intelligence - capture signals PROFI
www.alibaba.sk - conspiracies, discovery, marketing material.
www.plasice.sk - Everything goes and flies - scare
www.bluetoothadvertising.net - Bluetooth, WiFi Marketing
www.projammer.eu - the field of RF jamming
www.rf-protection.com - EMC and RFI Shielding
www.jammeraudio.com - listening microphones and audio recorders
www.lasermicrophone.eu - laser audio surveillance
www.elidefire.info - automated fire extinguishing

T-GORILLA - comprehensive protection against speakerphone
Today, everyone wants to know everything, but some people just want to know a little more about you! And often just what you do not want to give away, so we offer our comprehensive equipment that can protect your privacy, corporate and business secrets.
T-GORILLA device also serves as a complete prevention of and protection against industrial espionage. Our equipment will protect you from SIGINT communication and acoustic monitoring, with emphasis on protection against spatial and remote eavesdropping, microphone-wire, audio transmitter "sniffers", including monitoring without physical access to monitored objects: akcelerometers, fluidics, modulation of radio emission (microwave) or laser sensors. Including full protection from electromagnetic radiation signals, computers, power lines and communication channels so-called TEMPEST.

ELIDE FIRE fully automatic fire extinguishing system activation in a fire unattended
ELIDE FIRE is in contact with an open flame itself actively and reliably extinguish the flames.
ELIDE FIRE is the easiest and most effective automatic fire extinguishing equipment which can reduce the risk of fire, while the resulting fire effectively addressed.
Equipment shall be installed in places where there is a risk of fire, or in close proximity. Automatic fire extinguishing equipment Fire ELIDE is installed into a solid bracket that is included in standard fixation of 30 cm above hazardous locations. The device is in contact with an open flame itself actively and reliably extinguish the flames.

Plasic - repeller pests
For all clients civilian, military and government who seek environmentally friendly and humane way to protect your home and work environment, whether indoors or outdoors by pests such as birds, pigeons, snakes, flooded down dogs, cats, rodents, a horse or deer offer in our online shop a variety of solutions. The production program of our company is gradually years extended to the development and production of ecological and human equipment designed just scaring the animals in general. A wide range Plasic commercial character also complement the development of its own products directly tailored for clients and their individual needs, including consulting to planning to order and service. Some devices operate in the audible band based on the audio signals such as issuing bird distress and offensive sounds that scare the pests and thus are scared as birds, animals and mammals in the effective range. Some issued ultrasound combination of sound and high-frequency waves that are audible for people, but they do not interfere, because they are audible as sounds of birds of prey and are designed for large areas such as airports, and storage management. We also offer a facility specifically in the ultrasonic design for the human ear inaudible bands but also light and impulse bands. Of course we can repel the crowd sound waves in critical ultrasound audible range. Our equipment is a quick and easy.

Jammer microphones INFRATORNADO - SIGINT.SK 2016
Jammer ultrasonic microphones INFRATORNADO - SIGINT.SK 2016 is a device operating on the interference of all known digital recorder including interference older recorders.
The device works in the human ear inaudible frequencies. Interference takes place on the principle of ultrasound, which act directly on the diaphragm of the microphone that overload. Our product can be used in meeting rooms, offices, or in the negotiations in public places such as cafes, restaurants and the like.
Jammer microphones is the most advanced and unique product providing full protection of human speech before recording. The device suppresses the ability to procure record on a recorder, mobile phones and other recording devices.
Safely protects you from eavesdropping on all frequencies! Its main feature is that it uses two methods of protection against eavesdropping. This is a support unit for the protection of speech in violation.

PRIVATE BTS - GSM station, own GSM transmitter
PRIVATE BTS equipment - GSM station, own GSM transmitter is designed for non-commercial use in abandoned areas of mining parts or for laboratory simulation 2.5G networks, or as a simple replacement of GSM BTS in commercial GSM network failure.
Series SIGINT-BTS-900 acts as one BTS network for GSM telephones own or as part of a multi-site network. Our device may be configured to support 7-35 and more concurrent calls within up to 35 km.
The device runs independently of OpenBTS software is easy to install GSM mobile network for remote rural services, rapid deployment in private industrial networks.
With this equipment the product or compatible feature phones as a SIP endpoint VoIP system, since all are designed to operate as a single BTS.

Exhibitor's brands

Elide automatic fire extinguishing ball Elide Fire

Elide automatic fire extinguishing ball Elide Fire

  • Product categorie: 05.11 Fire protection and data centers
Protection against eavesdropping microphones technika.sk

Protection against eavesdropping microphones technika.sk

  • Product categorie: 03.14 Eavesdropping equipment
OpenBTS | Open Source Cellular Infrastructure sigint.sk

OpenBTS | Open Source Cellular Infrastructure sigint.sk

  • Product categorie: 03.14 Eavesdropping equipment
Bird Repeller Ultrasonic, Bird Control Bird-X plasice.sk

Bird Repeller Ultrasonic, Bird Control Bird-X plasice.sk

  • Product categorie: 03.15 Anti-eavesdropping equipment

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: 03.14 Eavesdropping equipment

Product categorie: 03.15 Anti-eavesdropping equipment

Product categorie: 05.01 Data and information protection

Product categorie: 05.11 Fire protection and data centers

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INFRATORNADO - SIGINT.SK, Jammer of microphones and audio recorders ...

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RPM s.r.o. Spring systems automatic fire extinguishing fire ball

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