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The TrackReitar series of tracked robots from Leotronics LLC is a set of modern solutions for the present and future, includes universal tracked platforms for a variety of applications in the following areas:
- Rescue services,
- Fire brigades,
- Security services,
- Assistance in law enforcement operations,
- Dangerous industry,
- Engineering and maintenance services,
- Agriculture,
and many more areas for your applications, especially in tough and dangerous environments.

Distinctive features of the robotic platform TrackReitar:
- 3 standard sizes: light, medium and heavy platform;
- flexible configuration;
- the functions of both autonomous movement and operator control.

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iTrend LLC

  • Produktkategorie: 03 Police and anti-terrorist equipment and services


  • Produktkategorie: 01 Fire equipment and services


  • Produktkategorie: 01 Fire equipment and services

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iTrend s.r.o.

  • Slowakei

LeoTronics s.r.o.

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