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Alliance Laundry CE, s.r.o.

Místecká 1116
742 58, Příbor
Tschechische Republik
ID-Nr.: 29451914
Telefon: +420-556768800
Standort:VP F / 004

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We are Czech manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment. Since 2014 part of Alliance Laundry Systems (ALS) the global leader in commercial laundry equipment including freestanding washers, hygienic barrier washers, tumble-dryers and ironers. Our full spectrum of laundry equipment provides high quality and reliability for on-premises laundry environments, such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals and nursing homes, along with laundromats, multi-housing,commercial laundries and in governmental sector such as fire brigade stations, prisons etc.

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  • Produktkategorie: 01 Fire equipment and services

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Produktkategorie: 01 Fire equipment and services

Produktkategorie: 06 Prison service