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Nativia s.r.o.

Šedivská 915
561 51, Letohrad
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 28828925
Phone: +420-702137479

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Nativia as a product brand
Nativia is a new Czech brand concerning food for dogs and cats, whose recipes are carefully compiled based on years of experience of its creators. The basic idea behind the brand is to give the animals a natural diet that does not burden the body, follow world trends and apply them in a reasonable extent in the development of new feeds.
The condition of quality food is good feedstock that affect its digestibility. The more the digestibility approaches 100%, the more preferable food is for the particular individual. Animal proteins are clearly more digestible for dogs and cats (meat, offal, meat meal) compared proteins derived from plant sources. Products for dogs and cats by Nativia contain up to 94% of animal proteins and their parameters thus ranks among the leading brands in the market.

The ideal of 100% digestibility in today's conditions can not be achieved, the best brands are around 90% (ie. 90% of the received nutrients from the dog granules are absorbed during digestion process, the remaining 10% is excreted in faeces). So there is a true statement, "The better quality of raw materials, the better digestibility and better food."

Just as important as the quality of raw materials is a technological procedure for processing individual components. Even the best raw material can be damaged by failure to technological process. Certification of manufacturers in the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 and the implementation of HACCP system guarantees the quality of the final products brand Nativia.

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Product categorie: 01 Equipment for dog breeders

Product categorie: 01.01 Feed and mineral supplements for dogs