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Na Kopečku 211
664 61, Rajhradice
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 76607895
Phone: +420-736702067
Location:PAV A2 / 025

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About us
What we eat is very important these days. We human beings have the choice of what we put into our mouths. Unfortunately, our beloved pets do not this choice and their food sources are dependent solely on us – their owners. Ordinary commercial feed such as granules or tins definitely cannot cover the whole range of nutrients our pets require in order to be fit and in a great condition. That is why we have decided to make our own feed, which is of a top quality, cooked from fresh non-residual sources full of vitamins and minerals without artificial colors and low grade products such as hooves, skin, blood, feathers and other waste.

By rigorous cooperation with animal specialists, detailed veterinary tests and careful steam cooking we have reached the desired balanced nutrition. We do not add any preservatives, stabilizers or chemical relishes. Thanks to our modern shock-cooling technology and vacuuming you can be sure all the nutrition value is fully preserved. The only relish we use is the freshness of our raw materials and their detailed selection, which is underlined by our passion to make the best products to your pet´s full satisfaction.

We guarantee you that after tasting our products your pets will want nothing else because the quality tastes simply delicious.

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: 01.01 Feed and mineral supplements for dogs

Product categorie: 02.01 Feed and mineral supplements for cats