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Origos Group, s. r. o.

Za školou I. 398/1
911 05, Trenčín - Zamarovce
ID.NO.: 51861852
Phone: +421-908789441
Location:PAV F / 040

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Origos is a multigenerational brand whose goal is to accompany people in physical activities connected to cycling from birth to adulthood. We want to connect generations through healthy movement, safely and in every season. That is why we only choose brands and products for our portfolio that we really trust and we always test them on our own children first. We are defined by certified quality, simplicity, comfort and functionality, while always paying attention to originality and modern design.

For this year's ForBabies fair, we have selected brands that have our full confidence and in our opinion really have no competition on the market. So let us introduce them at least in part:

Urban Iki - Urban Iki children's bicycle seats in the style of the Japanese Iki culture, which are not only popular with little riders, but also the parents. They have a minimalist original design with a Japanese touch and they are certified by several prestigious awards for maximum safety. Along with original accessories, they come in three main designs - front seat, rear seat and Junior seat. They are divided by age and suitable for children from 9 months to 10 years.

Melon Helmets - "Melons" are cheerful helmets made of ultra-light material that allow people of all ages to ride in maximum safety and comfort. All helmets have, among other things, built-in X-FIT technology, which ensures the correct holding and position of the helmet on the child's head, prevents the helmet from falling and reduces the force of the impact in the event of a fall. Thanks to their stylish and original design, they are truly unique and therefore appeal to everyone. You can choose from more than 40 different designs and combine them in such a way that your family really looks like an unbeatable team on a bike trip. They are suitable for everyone from 0 to 99 years old.

S'COOL TaXXi bike carriers and ultra-light Academy children's bikes - TaXXi bike carriers are the most safe and high-quality, yet affordable alternative to better-known brands on the market. They come in 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 combinations, which means that they have up to three uses – as a classic stroller, as a child's bicycle stroller, but also as a jogging or hiking stroller. They are also suitable for toddlers, who have maximum comfort during the ride thanks to a special baby carrier. The offer includes carts for one or two children with a load capacity of up to 45 kg. Academy bikes, on the other hand, represent one of the best alternatives in the ultra-light ergonomic bikes for children, which were developed in cooperation with the German Orthopedic Institute.

Chiba Gloves - Chiba gloves are designed according to ergonomic principles. Their manufacturers pay great attention to the anatomical requirements and functionality of the materials. That is why they have gained their fans and favorites, especially in the world of elite sports. They are used not only by professional cyclists, but also by skiers or even paragliders. Chiba has gloves for all ages and genders in its portfolio - their children's gloves meet all the important factors like their adult counterparts and come in a wide range of cheerful motifs for boys and girls.

Exhibitor's brands

Cool Mobility

Cool Mobility

  • Product categorie: 04.02.06 Leisure for mothers and children


  • Product categorie: 04.08 Clothing and footwear for children
Melon Helmets

Melon Helmets

  • Product categorie: 04.03 Equipment for sucklings and babies
Urban Iki

Urban Iki

  • Product categorie: 04.05 Car seats and bicycle seats

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: 04.02.06 Leisure for mothers and children

Product categorie: 04.03 Equipment for sucklings and babies

Product categorie: 04.05 Car seats and bicycle seats

Product categorie: 04.08 Clothing and footwear for children