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Batalionów Chłopskich 21
43-514, Kaniów
ID.NO.: 122940480
Phone: +420-777789115
Location:PAV F / 017

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Since 2013, we have been a brand derived from the highest quality and designer items for children. The success achieved in this area has allowed us to develop towards accessories for everyday care, from body brushes and towels to natural cosmetics. All products are made in Poland using local ingredients. Products always go through detailed quality checks, meet legal standards and are additionally tested for safety. Designs, patterns, solutions are our own, original. And the design itself is appreciated by independent institutions such as the Institute of Industrial Design. We are characterized by the multifunctionality of our products, the focus on a specific action/effect and the simplicity of their design.

Currently, the brand is developing dynamically abroad as well, it has its representatives, e.g. In Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Scandinavian countries, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, New Zealand and Taiwan.

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Product categorie: 04.08.02 Children's textile and clothing