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Králíčkova 4267
580 01, Havlíčkův Brod
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 08532451
Phone: +420-799991227
Location:PAV G2 / 043

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Our diaper Bobánek is the easiest cloth diapers, which every mum and dad can handle. It is a type of AIO ("All In One") or "all in one". The use is most similar to disposable diapers with the only difference and that after use the diaper is not thrown into the garbage basket but into the laundry basket. Our diapers are healthy, do not contain any gels or gel-forming substances, support correct hip development, save nature and your wallet.

Plus, you can choose from many amazing designs. The size of the diapers is adjusted with press studs so that they can be sized from birth to diaper. We will show you how to easily use our diapers in our repackaging video and on our website or video.

Bobánek brings you not only diapers, but also a growing swimsuit, changing pads, waterproof bags of various sizes, etc. We have newly included in our portfolio also needs for mothers such as cloth inserts, bra inserts etc. Bobánek also brings you incontinence briefs for adults.

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: 04.02 Requisites for mothers

Product categorie: 04.02.02 Breastfeeding aids

Product categorie: 04.03.05 Napkins and napkin panties

Product categorie: 04.07.02 Sanitary articles for sucklings and babies

Product categorie: 04.08.01 Outfit for sucklings