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BABY HOLDING is an important importer of premium brands to the Czech and Slovak Republics and will bring a collection of 15 brands, including 7 brand new ones, to Brno. New collections for the year 2023-2024 of the English brands EGG, OYSTER and Prestige of baby strollers and car seats from the manufacturer BabyStyle will be on display, as well as a collection of designer bags and backpacks from the English brand BABABING, the French manufacturer of the Sophie la giraf brand, the VULLI company, will present its news legendary toys made of rubber and natural dye. The new collection of car seats will also be presented by the French manufacturer RENOLUX, including the new rear-facing car seat GAIA and the entire collection of car seats with Softness technology, which is used by NASA for seats in space shuttles. The new brands will be CITRON, OB DESIGN, TINY TWINKLE, TRYCO, LABEL LABEL, DING, LECLER and DEW.
Information on the exhibited brands:
- BJALLRA OF SWEDEN - Bjällra of Sweden is a Swedish lifestyle brand of children's fashion characterized by an inspiring design based on the combination of family and fashion. Bjällra of Sweden products are thought out to the last detail, are made of high-quality materials, have a typical Nordic touch, push the boundaries of design and innovation, while remaining true to the principles of its founder in terms of color, playfulness, materials and overall value. https://bjallra-of-sweden.cz/

- EGG : The popular English stroller brand EGG will present a new collection of EGG2 and EggZ stroller colors for 2023-2024 at the BABY HOLDING distributor's stand. The power of evolution - building on the features of the egg pushchair, we present egg² - the "Reborn" egg, a pushchair designed in the UK with parents in mind. Beautiful workmanship, smooth curves, endless lines and a unique design solution - egg² guarantees a carefree smooth ride for the baby and exceptionally easy use for new parents. It is no secret that Czech celebrities like Gabriela Soukalová, Petr Nedvěd, David Gránský, Patricie Pagáčová, Aneta Vignerová, Tomáš Verner and others like this brand in addition to mothers. https://eggbaby.cz/

- OYSTER: The Oyster brand will bring a whole new collection of OYSTER3 and OYSTER ZERO GRAVITY stroller colors to Brno. The Oyster Zero and OYSTER 3 strollers have found great popularity among mothers in the Czech and Slovak Republics over the past 5 years with our mothers and their children. Modern design, highly useful features and a reasonable ratio between price and quality are the reasons why Oyster is seen so much on our streets. https://oysterbaby.cz/

- PRESTIGE - The third brand from the manufacturer of Egg and Oyster strollers is Prestige, which will present a new stroller in Brno, which we will put on sale in March. The name is alluring VOUGUE and it comes with very good prices and a high emphasis on design.

- BABABING The mission of the English family company BABAB!NG is to create products for children and their parents that will look good, work great and be affordable at the same time. Here you will find stylish unisex bags that you can use for the stroller as well as for everyday use, innovative sunbeds and swings and a 3-in-1 stroller suitable for all terrains. In Brno, you will see the entire collection of bags and a new travel cot, which is really irresistible. https://www.babyholding.cz/cs/324-bababing

- CITRON: The Citron brand is a new brand on the Czech and Slovak market producing products for parents who want to be stylish masters of parenting. From snack boxes to bottles to dishes - we support children and adults with simple products for their daily active life at home, at school or on the go. Products that do a good job and make it easier to overcome the everyday problems that parenthood brings. product collection https://citron.ae/

- OB DESIGN At O. B. Designs, our passion is to design and create beautiful children's toys and handcrafted nursery decorations that are environmentally friendly and ethically produced. Our goal is to be recognized not only as a leading children's brand, but also as an environmentally and socially responsible company. https://www.obdesigns.com.au/

- RENOLUX - The Renolux company was founded near Lyon, France and has been designing childcare products for more than 40 years. Emphasis on enhancing the safety of children when traveling has brought Renolux to the market of child car seats. It is a unique place of production that is preserved in Europe (directly in France) and also by including the unique, patented Softness® technology in its car seats, which allows to achieve an excellent level of comfort and safety. Softness® combines a main structure of high-density polyurethane foam, which makes the seat incredibly soft, and a steel frame, which acts as a survival capsule in the event of an accident. The entire Softness car seat collection will be on display in Brno at the fair, including the new GAIA rear-facing car seat: https://renoluxbaby.cz/

- SOPHIE LA GIRAFE - The French company Vulli was founded in 1945 and offers products that support the correct development of children: baby goods and toys for babies suitable for every stage of their development. Sophie the Giraffe is exactly such a product, which is the first children's toy that stimulates all five of a child's senses. The toy is made of 100% natural rubber and you can already find it in 85 countries around the world! All novelties for 2023 will be exhibited at the fair in Brno. https://www.sophiezirafa.cz/

- TINY TWINKLE Tiny Twinkle is proud to create high quality and safe products for children and parents. The brand itself is perhaps most famous for its Kaffle® fabric, which is characterized by the fact that it is "better than muslin". It is a time-tested fabric that does not wrinkle, does not wrinkle and even has an OEKO-TEX certificate! https://tinytwinkle.com/

- TRYCO - The Belgian brand Tryco is characterized by affordable products in a unique, modern and up-to-date design made from first-class materials. Every shape and color is chosen carefully and with love. The brand takes into account trends that are popular at the time, and at the same time tries to attract the child's attention. https://www.trycobaby.com/

- LABEL LABEL - By choosing the Label Label brand, you get durable toys in imaginative colors made from ecological materials. Label Label toys have an educational as well as a decorative value, they are produced with the world in which we live and in which our children will grow up.

- DING - Ding Baby Products was founded in 2019 as part of the Belgian MekK International Company. Ding offers a wide range of products for parents and children at reasonable prices. The products meet all strict safety standards, have a unique and modern design, and their designers are constantly working on new products. https://www.dingbabyproducts.com/

- LECLERC - The English brand Leclerc Baby was created with the ambition to provide freedom and allow parents greater freedom of movement. Leclerc Baby is synonymous with smart solutions that make it easier for all new parents to take care of their children on a daily basis. For Leclerc Baby, safety always comes first and their products focus on core values such as utility and comfort. In addition, with their luxurious strollers, they are significantly different from the competition. LECLERC BABY MAKES PARENTING EASIER! https://www.leclercbaby.com/

- DEW - Erik, the founder of this new innovative brand based in the UK, explains the principle and ideas behind the creation of a product line that includes baby care, safe household cleaning products and pet care: "In our search for safe and reliable cleaning products, we they found that even the natural ones cause many allergies and can be harmful. Inspired by the need to protect our oceans, we've harnessed the power of ocean minerals to create the world's gentlest cleaning products. Our highly effective formula is multi-purpose. Our bottles can be refilled and reused, reducing single-use plastics and CO2 emissions. Dew is the right choice for everyone who is trying to protect our planet and care for future generations."

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04.05 Car seats and bicycle seats

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