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TOS ZNOJMO, akciová společnost

Družstevní 3
669 02, Znojmo
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 46347691
Phone: +420-515288111


Moravské náměstí 4
602 00, Brno
Czech Republic
Phone: +420-515288111
Location:PAV F / 079

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The main activity of the company is development, production and sale of transmission equipment:
- worm gearboxes MRT, MKT
- special gearboxes designed for transfer of big torsional moments
- gearboxes with frontal or conical teeth - MTC
- variable gearboxes with plate-link chains in PIV system
- shaft production for electromotors up to diameter 100 mm, lenght of 800 mm
- helical gear drives with the straight or curved gearing up to diameter 300 mm, modul 4 mm, DIN 7
- bevel sets of gears with curved teeth (Gleason) in modul range from 2 up to 9 mm and of maximum diameter 320 mm in grinded design
- worm gear sets of ZI gearing up to worm wheel diameter 300 mm and modul 9
Suplementary assortment are:
- accessories to machine tools
- production of engineering parts according to the customer request

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: 02.41.02 Gear wheels for gearings

Product categorie: Gearboxes with spur gear wheels

Product categorie: Gearboxes with bevel gear wheels

Product categorie: Worm gearboxes

Product categorie: 02.41.07 Continuously variable transmissions

Product categorie: 02.41.11 Special gearboxes