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CTPark Hranice, Storage Unit A, Olomoucká 306
753 01, Hranice na Moravě
Czech Republic
Phone: +420-581602721
Location:PAV V / 062

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TFC Europe Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of technical fastener components to industry, with an unrivalled reputation for delivering innovative products, stock control solutions and exemplary service, to help our customers achieve breakthroughs in product development and new standards of manufacturing efficiency.


ISO 9001.

Exhibitor's brands

Smalley Steel Ring Company

Smalley Steel Ring Company

  • Product categorie: 02.09.04 Springs

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: 02.09.01 Connecting materials

Product categorie: 02.09.03 Clamps / grips

Product categorie: 02.09.04 Springs

Product categorie: 02.09.14 Piston rings

Product categorie: 15.04.02 Plastic products

Product categorie: Seals

Exhibitor's represented companies

Smalley Steel Ring Company

  • USA