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Jiráskova 691
755 01, Vsetín
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 24815276
Phone: +420-571812111
Location:PAV Z / 043

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Industrial Automation

Our automation solutions may be used in a wide range of applications with varying levels of production automation. We offer a complex supply of automatic machines in accordance with specific requirements. Machines for individual programmed tasks - cleaning, assembly, manufacturing, transportation, testing etc. - or entire production lines which are part of a larger production process.
In the simplest applications, our programmable automatic units are included in control systems operated by low-voltage distribution boards. They feature small GUI control panels or standard control panels with switches and indicators. In more demanding applications, two-level control systems with various types of PLC devices are designed. The selection of a suitable PLC system depends on the user's operating practice and on the optimal ratio between price and technical requirements. The flexibility of our equipment allows the addition of different subsystems, including various BMS devices.