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SPINEA, s.r.o.

Ku Magašu 702/3
080 01, Haniska, okr. Prešov
ID.NO.: 31687580
Phone: +421-517700156
Location:PAV V / 162

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SPINEA® is a Slovak engineering company engaged in the development, production, and sale of TwinSpin® high-precision gearboxes and DriveSpin® high-precision actuators. It is currently the only originally European manufacturer of high-precision gearboxes and actuators and competes globally in this segment with three Japanese companies. The company was founded in 1994 based on an invention - the transformation of planetary motion of reduction gearboxes into rotary motion of flanges by designer Ing. Bartolomej Janek, CSc.
SPINEA® enjoys membership in international robotics associations such as IFR - International Federation of Robotics, EU Robotics, MCMA - Motion and Motor Control Association in the USA, and in the German Engineering Association - VDMA. SPINEA® employs more than 500 people. Due to the technological complexity of the production, the company has state-of-the-art production facilities and therefore employs mainly highly qualified experts in the fields of research and development, production, quality, marketing, and sales.


STN EN ISO 9001:2016

Exhibitor's brands

Vysoce přesná redukční převodovka TwinSpin®

Vysoce přesná redukční převodovka TwinSpin®

  • Product categorie: 02.41.04 Mechanical gearboxes
Vysoce přesný pohon DriveSpin®

Vysoce přesný pohon DriveSpin®

  • Product categorie: Actuators

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: 02.41.04 Mechanical gearboxes

The notion "high precision reduction gear" TwinSpin® designates the full integration of high precision reduction gear and high precision radial-axial bearing in a single unit. TwinSpin® high precision reduction gears are designed for applications requiring a high reduction ratio, high kinematic accuracy, low lost motion, high moment capacity, and high stiffness of a compact design with a limited installation zone, and low mass. This new transmission concept allows the utilization of the reduction gear TwinSpin in robotics and automation, machine tools, measuring equipment, navigation systems, aircraft industry, military and medicine field, woodworking field, printers branch, machines for the textile industry and glass treatment, filling machines, etc.

Product categorie: Actuators

DriveSpin® The actuators of the DriveSpin® series combine optimized servomotors and TwinSpin® gears, resulting in a dynamic, high performance, and very compact servo actuator with high tilting torque capacity with integrated bearing. The main characteristics of the DriveSpin® actuators include compact design, zero backlashes, high dynamic performance, high torsional and tilting stiffness, small size, low mass, simple installation, high load capacity of the radial-axial output bearing, and easy maintenance. Applications: • Robotics: 6-axis robots, gantry robots, and manipulators • Machines: CNC machine, grinding machine, lathe machine • Special machines: bending machine • Medicine equipment • Aerospace applications • Flight simulators • Defense and security industry • Semiconductor industry • Radar and monitoring systems