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MOD Engineering

Nadejda Russo Str. 14, fl.1 of.2
MD-2024, Chisinau
Telefon: +373-22999501
WWW: www.mod.md
Standort:PAV Z / 079A

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Invest Moldova

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MOD Engineering is a mechanical engineering company operating in the field of mechanical design and specializing in business consulting based in Chisinau, Moldova.
Founded in 2012 MOD Engineering is the result of thirty years of consolidated experience of Italian CPI-ENG, which specializes in designing marine engines, aviation, industrial and mechanical transmissions.
MOD Engineering has developed a reputation as a creative and highly professional partner to some of the largest companies in Europe. Providing a complete turnkey solution, our services include; project management, problem analysis, engineering and design, prototyping, software development, technical documentations and certification, reverse engineering and outsourcing. Together we work with companies to reduce cost, improve efficiency and deliver return on investment all within specified time frames and budgets.

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MOD Engineering

MOD Engineering

  • Produktkategorie: 01.01.89 Engineering- und Projektierungsleistungen in Förderprozessen und -anlagen

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