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Lasco Umformtechnik GmbH

Hahnweg 139
96450, Coburg
Phone: +49-95616420
Location:PAV B / 051

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LASCO is manufacturer of machine tools and production lines for metal forming.

Rugged construction, demanding jobs: LASCO offers a comprehensive range of traditional forming machines that are adapted to individual customer requirements and can be automated:
• Hydraulic presses for solid forming (Pre-forming/multipurpose presses VP/VPA/VPE, Piercing and drawing press VPZ, Calibrating press KP, Cold extrusion press KFP)
• Hydraulic presses for sheet-metal forming (Universal/ deep drawing press and coining press TZP/TSP)
• Hydraulic powder metal press (Powder metal press MPP)
• Hydraulic hammers (Double-acting hammer HO-U, Counterblow hammer GH)
• Screw presses (Screw press SPR/SPP)
• Pre-forming lines (Pre-forming line AR-D, Fully automatic stretching line AR, Electric upsetter EH/EV)
• Forging rolls (Forging/cross wedge roll RCW/QKW, Axial feed cross roll AVQ)


ISO 9001 : 2008

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: Double-action presses

Product categorie: Double- and four-column hydraulic presses

Product categorie: Straight double sided presses

Product categorie: Hydraulic open gap presses

Product categorie: Embossing/stamping hydraulic presses

Product categorie: Deep-drawing presses

Product categorie: Trimming presses

Product categorie: Powder compacting presses

Product categorie: Calibrating presses for special applications

Product categorie: Scrap baling and briquetting presses

Product categorie: Stamping presses

Product categorie: Bending and straightening presses

Product categorie: Hammers

Product categorie: Forging machines and presses

Product categorie: Sheet forming machines

Product categorie: 11.08.02 Spare parts for forming machines

Product categorie: Redesign and upgrading of metal forming machines