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IMI Precision Engineering

Central Trade Park - D1, č. p. 1573
396 01, Humpolec
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 25692089
Phone: +420-465612879
Location:PAV V / 130

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We are the world leader in media and motion control technology. We deliver exceptional solutions to increase the productivity and efficiency of our customer's machines where precision, speed and technical reliability are required. IMI Precision Engineering's main production program is pneumatic cylinders and valves, valve terminals, pressure switches, filters, lubricators and air regulators, fittings and hoses of brands IMI Norgren, IMI Buschjost, IMI FAS, IMI Herion a IMI Maxseal.

Exhibitor's brands

IMI Norgren

IMI Norgren

  • Product categorie: 03.21 Pneumatic elements

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: 03.21 Pneumatic elements

Norgren main product line consists of pneumatic cylinders and valves, valve terminals, pressure switches, air treatment and control equipment, pipe unions and hoses.

Product categorie: 03.21.03 Air pressure and flow control elements

Product categorie: 03.21.04 Pneumatic pressure valves

Product categorie: 03.21.05 Pneumatic closing valves

Product categorie: 03.21.06 Pneumatic flow valves

Product categorie: 03.21.07 Rapid vent valves

Product categorie: 03.21.08 Pneumatic safety valves

Product categorie: 03.21.09 Pneumatic control, throttle valves

Product categorie: 03.21.10 Pneumatic special valves

Product categorie: 03.21.12 Pressure converters

Product categorie: 03.21.13 Air treatment devices

Product categorie: 03.21.14 Pneumatic distributors

Product categorie: 03.21.16 Pneumatic filters

Product categorie: 03.21.17 Pneumatic gearboxes

Product categorie: 03.21.18 Pneumatic clutches

Product categorie: 03.21.19 Pneumatic control systems

Product categorie: 03.21.20 Pneumatic cylinders

Product categorie: 03.21.21 Micro-pneumatic components and systems

Product categorie: 03.21.99 Pneumatic elements - other