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Guizhou Qunjian Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

Dalian Road
563000, Guizhou
Telefon: +86-13639206140
Standort:PAV Z / 065C

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Guizhou Qun Jian Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is the key enterprise of civil military integration, which is subordinate to the Tenth Research Institute of China CASIC. We are the only professional manufacturer for gears and gear transmission products of China CASIC. We are mainly engaged in developing and industrialization of high-end gear transmission products, mold injection and intelligent water-saving irrigation equipment. The products are widely used in aerospace, aviation, robots, engineering machinery, automobile, intelligent agriculture and other fields. Our company is executive member of China Gear Professional Association, deputy director unit of national small module work committee, director unit of China Die & Mould Industry Association.
We undertake the researching and manufacturing of national key project gear products, provide the reliable docking and driving for “Shenzhou Flying”, “ Tian-Shen Docking”, “Space Kiss”, “Moon Walk” and other national key project. Qun Jian Gear is known as the Flying Highest Gear in China.



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Guizhou Qunjian Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

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