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Ekomaziva s.r.o.

č. p. 7
338 06, Cheznovice
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 29123470
Phone: +420-374802803
Location:PAV F / 052

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We deliver oil free lubricants, IRMCO for the metal stamping and tube bending, micro dosing dispensing automats, maintenance lubricants and assembly lubricants, masking and equipment for paint shops and galvanic shops (jigs including titanium, plastic coated, contact and cleaning apparatus, cables, electroplating drums, filter pump, centrifugal dryers), plastic caps and plugs Caplugs. Equipment Suparator for cleaning baths from oils, vacuum the filters with a vacuum of 200 mBar and magnetic separators. We provide advice, service, custom manufacturing.

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: 02.45.01 Lubrication devices

Product categorie: 02.45.02 Components for lubrication devices

Product categorie: 02.45.99 Lubrication technology - other

Product categorie: 14.01.04 Degreasing and cleaning equipment

Product categorie: 14.02.08 Galvanizing lines

Product categorie: 14.02.11 Anodes for electroplating equipment

Product categorie: 14.02.12 Chemicals for electroplating technology

Product categorie: 14.02.99 Electroplating equipment - other

Product categorie: 15.04.02 Plastic products

Product categorie: 16.03.01 Lubricating greases for industry

Product categorie: 16.03.02 Lubricating oils for industry

Product categorie: 16.03.08 Working emulsions and cutting oils

Product categorie: 16.03.10 Environmental lubricants

Product categorie: 16.99 Chemistry for engineering - other

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Sentry Protection

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