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Ekoinwentyka Ltd. is a Polish, dynamically growing company, present on the market for 10 years, offering a wide range of engineering services related to environmental protection, including the delivery of a Compact Trickle Bed Bioreactor (CTBB) for bio-purification of air from VOCs and odors. The recipients of the CTBB technology are plants with problems of excessive VOC and odor emissions, including paint shops, food processing plants, waste management plants, wastewater treatment plants, plants in the wood, chemical and petrochemical industries. The use of the CTBB reactor allows to meet the emission standards. Through full automation of the processes we provide: control, supervision, costs, parameters control and work effort. The process is carried out at low temperature (30°C) and at atmospheric pressure, therefore operating costs of the process are low. CTBB technology is characterized by:
1. Low operating costs of running the process
a. Low energy consumption
b. No need for catalysts
c. Low failure rate of the installation
d. Low maintenance costs, also due to the high degree of automation of the control process and on-line monitoring performed by the manufacturer
e. No fees for CO2 and NOx emissions
2. Long lifetime of the installation
3. Absence of explosion hazards
4. High level of pollution reduction
5. High environmental efficiency
a. No formation of secondary pollutants
b. No NOx and CO2 emissions

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Compact Trickle Bed Bioreactors

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Biodegradation of VOCs and odors

www.ekoinwentyka.pl Biological equipment for the removal of waste substances from pollutant-loaded air

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