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4ISP s.r.o.

Za Stodolou
251 01, Modletice
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 09032681
Phone: +420-724833773
Location:PAV B / 031

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Specialists in lasers and milling mach. Sale, testing, service - Central Europe.
4ISP s.r.o. is a company founded in 2010. The main objective of the company is the sale of Chinese CNC technologies on the European market, including the provision of installations and services.
4ISP s.r.o offers to its customers:
1) Aftersales services
a. Consulting for production optimization and customer’s needs
b. Machine investment return calculations, including maintenance costs
c. Basic technical parameters for installation
d. Pricing
2) Sales services
a. Standardized purchase contracts and handover protocols in accordance with EU standards of the specific country
b. Cooperation with a bank in order to ensure financing
c. Technical specification for the installation site
3) Installations
a. Ensuring of transport, coordination of handling
b. Setting and commissioning
c. Connecting to the power mains
d. Connecting to gases
e. Trial cutting
4) Service and subsequent customer care
a. Technical support phone line
b. Warranty service
c. After-warranty service
d. Sales of spare parts
e. Sales of consumables
f. Upgrades of the machines
In its offering, the company takes into account the current market demand in Europe and the development trends in China.
The company also marginally sells CCTV products, which has been a part of its profits since the company was founded. In 2019, we have returned to the sale of 3D printers, through our daughter company named Varmego.
Our Varmego daughter company was founded in 2019 as our response to the need of adopting to the changes of the market, in particular to problems with the recent supplier of industrial lasers.


ISO 9001
ISO 14001

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: 11.01.05 Milling machines

are machines designed for machining and engraving of various types of material. They are distinguished according to the size of the work surface, the size of the processed material, the spindle power, the types of machined materials, the speed of work and the number of axes. Our company is selling 3, 4 or 5-axis CNC milling machines. The most frequently processed materials on CNC milling machines are wood, artificial wood (Ebalta), aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Also important is the choice of CNC milling machines control software, which varies greatly. We offer 4 different solutions. CNC milling machines are primarily distinguished into two categories: milling machines for hobby use and for professional use. We also distinguish CNC milling machines according to the maximum hardness of the processed material.

Product categorie: 11.01.17 Laser machine tools

Product categorie: Laser cutting machines

are machines primarily designed for cutting and engraving plate non-metallic materials. Thanks to the wavelength of the cutting beam, CO2 lasers can cut or label (in most cases simultaneously) commonly processed materials such as plywood, paper, polystyrene, leather, leatherette, textile or various types of insulation, filters, seals or rubber. CO2 lasers are distinguished according to the working surface, the size of the processed material, the output of the CO2 laser and the thickness of the processed material. A number of different accessories are available for CO2 lasers, such as rotary axes, holders and collectors for winding material, cameras for reading crop marks or specified shapes, filters, filling tubes, special heads for cutting thin carbon steels, and more.

Product categorie: Hydraulic press brakes

sheet metal bending

Product categorie: 11.03.12 Laser marking machines

are machines designed for industrial laser marking of metals—very fast and accurate marking of all types of metallic materials (steel, stainless steel, nonferrous metals including aluminum) and also for certain non-metallic materials such as hard plastic (pens, mobile covers) or glazed ceramics (cups, flowerpots, etc.). CO2 laser markers are designed for marking non-metallic materials.

Product categorie: 13.06.03 Laser-beam welding machinery and equipment

fast and accurate laser beam welding

Product categorie: 15.02.18 Plastics thermoforming machines

forming and bending of plastics

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