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40/2a Pokrovka Street
105062, Moscow
Russische Föderation
Telefon: +7-4957757600
Standort:PAV A2 / 041
Messe: MSV

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TMK is one of the world’s leading producers of tubular products for the oil and gas industry. Since 2009 it has been ranked first in the world by volume of pipes shipped. TMK plants produce almost the entire range of tubular goods used in the oil and gas sector, chemical and petrochemical industries, energy and machine-building, construction and municipal housing, shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace and rocket engineering, and agriculture.
TMK has the largest share of sales dedicated to oil country tubular goods (OCTG) and enjoys strong market positions in the seamless OCTG segment.TMK delivers its products along with an extensive package of services in heat treating, protective coating, premium connections threading, warehousing and pipe repairing.
The Company’s major presence in the global market is secured by the extensive sales network that covers virtually all main global oil and gas production regions: the U.S., Canada, Russia and the CIS, Europe, the Middle East, North and Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia. TMK supplies products to more than 80 countries worldwide.

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