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Strojírny a stavby Třinec, a.s.

Průmyslová 1038, Staré Město
739 61, Třinec
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 47674539
Phone: +420-558535680
Location:PAV P / 052
Trade fair: MSV

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We offer:
 Technological units for modernization and new investments especially for metallurgical industry such as:
• Steelworks (ladles, tundishes, handling and pig-iron cars, torpedo cars, manipulator for demolishing of refractory lining etc.)
• Devices for continuous casting plant (arch for slab continuous casting, roll segments, oscillatory tables, dummy bars etc.)
• Rolling Mill (conveyor path; block and billet shears, inlet and outlet conveyers, manipulators, straightening, blasting, packing, peeling and pointing lines;
lines for non-destructive testing; grinding machines for grinding-out of surface defects of billets, blooms, blocks and rolled bars, high-pressure descaling,
calibrate rolls, pilger rolls for pipe producers etc.)
• Coking plant (coke battery machine, coal crushing devices, charging cars, belt and feeding conveyers, feeders, ramming machines, guide and coke-
quenching cars and devices, coke pusher, tar separator, glueing machines for sintering of guide seal straps to ramming process devices etc.)
• Sintering Plants devices (structures of dust separators, sintering cars, overhead travelling cranes, crusher, stacker - equipment for blast -furnace charge
production etc.)

 Single-purpose engineering machines (circular saw and grinding machine for refractory materials, tube pointing lines, special cranes and manipulators)
 Steel structures incl. assembling (halls and building constructions)
 Offshore steel structures, weldments machined on CNC machines incl. surface treatment,
 Pressure vessels, heat exchanger and components for energy
 Smith forgings incl. heat treatment and machining up to 3 tonnes from special and high grade steel
 Design and development of technological devices (processing of detailed manufacturing technical drawings)


EN ISO 9001:2008
EN ISO 14001:2004
OHSAS 18001:2007

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: Accessories of pig iron production equipment

Product categorie: Coking plant equipment

Product categorie: 01.02.02 Steel works equipment

Product categorie: Auxiliary equipment for steel works

Product categorie: Conveyers for rolling mills

Product categorie: Accessories of rolling and treatment mills

Product categorie: Open die forgings of steel

Product categorie: Heavy structures (sub-supplies)

Product categorie: Welded structures

Product categorie: Pressure apparatuses and vessels

Product categorie: 10.04.02 Bridge cranes

Product categorie: 10.04.09 Bracket cranes

Product categorie: 10.04.15 Metallurgical industrial cranes