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TAT - pohonová technika s.r.o.

Hraniční 2253
370 06, České Budějovice
Czech Republic
ID.NO.: 26064839
Phone: +420-387414414
Location:PAV F / 091
Trade fair: MSV

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Optimal design, well-thought concepts and the possibility individual consultations make our products ideal choice for your projects. We also supply products which are easily made optimal accordingly to fit your project documentation. Our professional counselling provides you with a plenty of various services which in the final phase helps to make your desired solution optimal.

Optimal systemic solution doesn’t necessarily always go together with standardized products. It’s more much often an outcome of complex process which takes into account a lot of thoughts and possibilities. For that reason we always prioritize your needs – from the first draft and drawing we work together with you. We do our best to find the best materials and components to provide you with the best possible solution. We want to make your project functionally and economically easy to implement. Our expertise and experience gathered over the years is applied also for the newest arrival in our assortment of products – collaborative robots.

Exhibitor's product categories

Product categorie: 02.25 Covers, closures

Product categorie: 02.25.01 Folded bellows

Product categorie: 02.25.02 Telescopic guards

Product categorie: 02.25.03 Roller guards

Product categorie: 02.41.01 Components for gears

Product categorie: 02.41.02 Gear wheels for gearings

Product categorie: 02.41.03 Gear rods - ridges

Product categorie: 02.41.04 Mechanical gearboxes

Product categorie: Worm gearboxes

Product categorie: Epicyclic gearboxes

Product categorie: 02.42.02 Rigid clutches

Product categorie: 02.42.03 Flexible clutches

Product categorie: 02.42.10 Tooth clutches

Product categorie: 02.42.99 Clutches - other

Product categorie: Ball screws

Product categorie: 03.04.01 Accessories of belt and chain drives

Product categorie: 07.11 Industrial robots and their assemblies

Product categorie: 10.08.01 Parts and accessories of transport equipment

Product categorie: Conveyer parts and accessories

Product categorie: Conveyers for lump materials transport - other