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100% Rework s.r.o.

PAV F / 028

Services for the automotive industry: 1) Visual inspection of parts, sorting ...

Trade fair: MSV

201 consulting s.r.o.

PAV P / 048

Complex EU subsidy consulting services focused on engineering ...

Trade fair: MSV

24 VISION a.s.

PAV F / 028

AI-driven quality control. Taking the automotive industry one step closer to ...

Trade fair: MSV


PAV P / 015

3Dconnexion designs powerful, ergonomic hardware which make working in the world’s ...

Trade fair: MSV

3Dees Industries, s.r.o.

PAV A1 / 016
PAV F / 091

Comprehensive solutions for 3D digital technologies in industry. Supply and ...

Trade fair: MSV

3Dwiser s.r.o.

PAV A1 / 011

#1 specialist for 3D printing ...

Trade fair: MSV

3E Praha Engineering a.s.

PAV P / 004

Authorised seller of CAD/CAM/PDM systems SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS CAM, CAMWorks ...

Trade fair: MSV

4dot Mechatronic Systems s.r.o.

PAV F / 121

Technical diagnostics, technological monitoring of machines ...

Trade fair: MSV

4IGV s.r.o.

PAV A2 / 046
PAV A2 / 046A

The logistics automation company 4IGV s.r.o. is a provider and direct supplier of ...

Trade fair: MSV

5.0 Technologies j.s.a.

PAV F / 140

twinzo - digital twin is our flagship product. Companies can visualize all live ...

Trade fair: MSV