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Exhibitors by category Plastic structural parts:

ABI Profils

PAV G1 / 007

Extrusion and co-extrusion of technical plastic profiles and tubes ...

Trade fair: MSV

ADITEG s.r.o.

PAV G1 / 034

Manufacture, purchase and sale of various products made of engineering rubber ...

Trade fair: Plastex

Ensinger s.r.o.

PAV G1 / 060

Producer of semi products from engineering and high-temperature plastics. Producer ...

Trade fair: Plastex

Essentra Components s.r.o.

PAV V / 047

Plastic and metal components. Brands: Moss, Richco, Mesan, Skiffy, Abric ...

Trade fair: MSV

fortell, s.r.o.

PAV G1 / 015

A company with more than 25 years of successful tradition is active in the fields ...

Trade fair: Plastex


PAV B / 005
PAV V / 033
PAV V / 027D

290 member companies and services in the following areas: support of development of ...

Trade fair: MSV

INCOE International Europe

PAV G1 / 044

Hot runner systems and temperature controllers. SoftGate® - solutions for high ...

Trade fair: Plastex

LABARA s.r.o.

PAV G1 / 070

Labara s.r.o. was estabilished in 1995. The main company activity is machining and ...

Trade fair: Plastex


PAV G1 / 005

Plastic technical and interior parts for the automotive industry ...

Trade fair: Plastex


PAV G1 / 006

We manage the injection and the bi-injection process, as well as the over-moulding ...

Trade fair: MSV