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Exhibitors by category Thermoplastics:

IMCD Czech Republic s.r.o.

PAV G1 / 020

IMCD South East Europe with its subsidiary IMCD Czech Republic s.r.o. provides ...

Trade fair: Plastex

JELÍNEK-TRADING spol. s r.o.

PAV G1 / 056

Inspection and transport of your products will be completed by our detection ...

Trade fair: Plastex

MG Plastics s.r.o.

PAV G1 / 061

Wholesale sales of thermoplastics and thermoplastic elastomers ...

Trade fair: Plastex

Plastcom, spol. s r.o.

PAV G1 / 072

Development, manufacture and recycling of engineering plastics for injection ...

Trade fair: Plastex

VACULA s.r.o.

PAV G1 / 069

Resins for injection and extrusion technology ...

Trade fair: Plastex