ONI Temperiertechnik Rhytemper GmbH

Christian-Bürkert-Straße 4
01900 Großröhrsdorf
PAV G1 / 042
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ONI-Wärmetrafo GmbH
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ONI Temperiertechnik Rhytemper® GmbH Großröhrsdorf is a manufacturer of innovative temperature control solutions and is considered a leading company in the field of multi-channel temperature control in both the plastic injection molding and metal die casting industries. Thanks to the wide range of products, our company has a unique position on the global market.

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ONI Temperiertechnik Rhytemper Heating technology

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Product categorie: 15.02.14

Ancillary machines and equipment for the plastics and rubber industries

In more than 70 countries in the world customers rely on high-quality and energy-saving ONI system solutions.<br /> Our program of products ranges from small chillers to large industrial plants today in the fields of machine cooling, process cooling, heat recovery, air conditioning, ventilation and clear-room technology, compressed air, machine optimization and temperature control.

Product categorie:

Heating technology

Reduce cycle times, cut unit costs!<br /> RHYTEMPER® temperature control systems minimize the cycle times and monitor the production process permanently. In practical work reductions in cycle times of 18 % are achieved on an average. In some cases up to 40 % are achieved.